Why so random?

We are a couple of pop-culture enthusiasts, which lends itself to a pretty broad range of interests and opinions.  We absolutely love television, so a good deal of our posts will have something to do with television, but we also love (to varying degrees) literature, musicals, history, politics, comic books, sci-fi, fantasy films, Disney movies, grammar and language, and comedy.

We tend to draw sort of strange comparisons and connections between these things.  (Some day, we’ll write out our exceptionally long and detailed comparisons between Star Wars and both of the World Wars).

If you like what you read, please make sure you bookmark us, add us to your RSS feed, and spread the word!

If you’ve got something to say to us, you can email us at thisisrandombut[at]gmail.com.

For our more specific mission statements, see our opening posts:


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