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Hey, isn’t “kindle” kind of a stupid name anyway? and other thoughts from a confirmed book lover.

Have you seen this?  [that comes via neatorama via jezebel]

Yes, that’s “The Smell of Books.”  Personally, my favorite is “Eau you have cats,” which promises it will make reading your digitized book on your Kindle or whatever just like borrowing a book from grandma’s!  First of all, my grandmother’s house did not smell like cat.  Secondly… nuh-uh!

Outtakes: headlines

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That doesn’t seem right: news fail

So I use Bloglines to organize my RSS feeds.  Helps me keep track of the many, random websites I tend to read on any given day.  For some reason, today, it’s been glitching on me like crazy, gathering stories from various times over the last 1-2 years.

Jim is confused.

Here are a few of the BREAKING NEWS stories my RSS feed would like me to know about:

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