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Deep thought: The Punctuation of a Revolution

So, I’m in the middle of what would best be called “A week from hell.”  Midterms, broken appliances that left me with 1 package of easy mac (that I can’t make because I have no milk), half a loaf of bread, and stale biscuits, and a sunburn (in October) so bad on my chest that it kind of makes me want to cry.  Which is all to say, I don’t really have a lot of time to write anything this week.  Instead, I will attempt to offer up a Random Thought a day on any topic I feel like.  Today’s thought comes courtesy of the political philosophy class that is killing my brain:

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The real world breaks in

I don’t get political on here very often.  Partially, it’s because I haven’t felt as politically combative the last few months– a little bit of 2008 election cycle fatigue, I think.

Today, though, I’m frustrated.  By problems around the world I feel powerless to help and by a media that is only sort of covering an incredibly important event that will effect us.  It’s not just that the Iranian election will have consequences for our own foreign policy. We should care because our fellow human-being is being denied basic rights now, and they– especially the women of Iran, who have seen freedoms rolled back by Ahmadinejad the last four years– will only have more rights stripped from them.

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Important news break

So, I was reading through jezebel earlier and came across this.

And it reminded me of something, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. And then I remembered (about 50 seconds in):

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