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Deep thought: The Punctuation of a Revolution

So, I’m in the middle of what would best be called “A week from hell.”  Midterms, broken appliances that left me with 1 package of easy mac (that I can’t make because I have no milk), half a loaf of bread, and stale biscuits, and a sunburn (in October) so bad on my chest that it kind of makes me want to cry.  Which is all to say, I don’t really have a lot of time to write anything this week.  Instead, I will attempt to offer up a Random Thought a day on any topic I feel like.  Today’s thought comes courtesy of the political philosophy class that is killing my brain:

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Songs of America: A Young Patriot’s Guide

I remember song lyrics better than I remember anything else.  I am confident I could master just about anything if given an opportunity to learn that subject in song.  Perhaps that’s why I love history and government so much– my childhood was full with songs about history and government, and I remember them all quite fondly.  And so, in celebration of America’s birthday, I offer a random assortment of songs about history or government.  Good stuff.

The Animaniacs teach you the Presidents:

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