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10 Sucky Movies That I Still Love

We all have favorite movies that we have no shame in telling people about. Blah blah, Citizen Kane, you say, blah blah The Godfather. And other people will hopefully be impressed by how good your taste is. But there’s that other list, too–the list of movies that you love even though you know, down in your heart, that they truly suck. The list of movies you don’t mention when people ask you what your favorite movies are, because it would take far too long to justify them and explain yourself. This, my friends, is my list of sucky movies that I love even though (or possibly because) they are horrible.

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Old Person I’m Obsessed With: Richard Burton

Today would have been Richard Burton’s 84th birthday. He is one of my very favorite actors, and it’s a shame that his personal life has always overshadowed his talent. (Not that I’m not also fascinated with his personal life.) Perhaps Hamlet is not the most appropriate play for a birthday, but it’s the best showcase for Richard Burton’s talent as an actor.


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