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The Greatest Casting New EVER

A window into the lives of YoSaffBridge and myself.

The following exchange occurred around 9:50 PST over text messages, concerning this news which, I will say again, is the greatest casting news of all time.  Don’t argue with me.

Carmhelga: nph going to gueststar on glee!!!111!1!!

YoSaffBridge: ON JOSS’ EPISODE. do we read ontd at the same time?

Carmhelga: no, you read it when my sister does.  She just posted the ontd link on my facebook and I like, stroked out from the excitement. this was right after i finished the house episode where house & wilson pretend to be a gay couple. television is good to me sometimes.

The Jennifer Lopez guest spot I can do without, but NPH guesting on Glee is like adding awesome berries into an already awesome pie. And Joss Whedon is the awesome ice cream that goes with it.  You think maybe the awesome is going to be overpowering, but then you realize it’s juuust right.

No, that made perfect sense.


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