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Thank You, Dixie Carter

I’ve always been shy. It’s sometimes hard for me to speak up for myself or get angry with people who deserve it, because I avoid conflict like it’s my job. So I love seeing women–real or fictional–who aren’t afraid to speak up or get angry. These kick-ass ladies become my role models. They inspire me to stop being shy and to stand up for myself. And without a doubt, one of these women I aspire to be is Julia Sugarbaker.

I loved watching Designing Women reruns back when they were on Lifetime, and my favorite episodes were the ones where Julia got to yell at someone and be awesome while doing so. She stood up for herself, for her sister, for her friends. She was their champion, the one who never backed down or let anyone treat them without the respect they deserved. She was a wonderful comedic character, but she was also one of my role models. And no one could have played her like Dixie Carter.

So thank you, Dixie Carter, for giving such life and spirit to one of my favorite fictional ladies. You’ll be missed. Rest in peace.



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10 Sucky Movies That I Still Love

We all have favorite movies that we have no shame in telling people about. Blah blah, Citizen Kane, you say, blah blah The Godfather. And other people will hopefully be impressed by how good your taste is. But there’s that other list, too–the list of movies that you love even though you know, down in your heart, that they truly suck. The list of movies you don’t mention when people ask you what your favorite movies are, because it would take far too long to justify them and explain yourself. This, my friends, is my list of sucky movies that I love even though (or possibly because) they are horrible.

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The Greatest Casting New EVER

A window into the lives of YoSaffBridge and myself.

The following exchange occurred around 9:50 PST over text messages, concerning this news which, I will say again, is the greatest casting news of all time.  Don’t argue with me.

Carmhelga: nph going to gueststar on glee!!!111!1!!

YoSaffBridge: ON JOSS’ EPISODE. do we read ontd at the same time?

Carmhelga: no, you read it when my sister does.  She just posted the ontd link on my facebook and I like, stroked out from the excitement. this was right after i finished the house episode where house & wilson pretend to be a gay couple. television is good to me sometimes.

The Jennifer Lopez guest spot I can do without, but NPH guesting on Glee is like adding awesome berries into an already awesome pie. And Joss Whedon is the awesome ice cream that goes with it.  You think maybe the awesome is going to be overpowering, but then you realize it’s juuust right.

No, that made perfect sense.

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Doctor Who Trailer: Bow Ties and Pretty Hair

Carmhelga may hate me for this, because she’s still mourning the imminent departure of David Tennant on Doctor Who, but after seeing this new trailer, I am SUPER EXCITED for series five.

Some things I’m flailing about:

1) I can’t even tell you how much the Doctor’s bow tie has swayed my opinion. After Matt Smith was first announced as the eleventh doctor, I was so afraid we were going to go in some kind of emo-kid direction with the Doctor. But then the bow tie gave me hope that they’re going to make Eleven kind of a dork. That would be really okay with me. I’m hoping for some social awkwardness with a side of badass. I have this feeling I’m actually going to love Eleven, and I’m not really sure where it comes from (other than the bow tie).

2) Karen Gillan’s hair entrances me. Again, I was worried at first since they were making both the Doctor and his companion so young, but…I’m sorry, I’m too distracted by her shiny red hair to even care anymore. But I don’t want there to be another romance a la the Doctor/Rose angstfest, please. Some casual flirting is allowed. I’m not worried about the kiss in the trailer, because they ALWAYS come up with a way for the Doctor and his companion to kiss. Even Donna kissed him.

3) THE ANGELS FROM “BLINK” ARE BACK. Steven Moffat, your episodes are always my favorites, but I also like sleeping at night. Please keep that in mind.

4) Actually, that’s the one thing that always makes me excited about the new season. Moffat’s episodes from the last four seasons have been so consistently wonderful, and I’m insanely excited to see what he does with the show.

Until then, I’m gonna go cry some more over Tennant.



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Christmas Nostolgia: the West Wing

There is nothing in the world quite like a West Wing Christmas episode.  The first three seasons’ Christmas episodes basically won supporting actor emmys for the actor featured most prominently: Richard Schiff, Bradley Whitford, and finally, wonderfully, John Spencer.

In the first season, Toby Ziegler is drawn into the story of a homeless Korean War Veteran who dies of exposure on the National Mall a few days before Christmas.  He eventually arranges for a funeral for the man, and finds the man’s brother, another homeless man with an unspecified mental illness.

The second season revolves around the post-traumatic stress syndrome of Josh Lyman, who was shot at the beginning of the season. In the days before Christmas, he becomes irritable and unstable, and his friends take note.  Leo eventually brings in a trauma specialist, to try to help Josh deal with his problems.  This is the speech Leo gives him at the end of the episode, and it’s such a wonderful bit of Leo in a nutshell.

Speaking of Leo, in the third season Christmas episode, Leo takes center stage.  Leo is testifying before congress about the President’s decision to withhold knowledge of his Multiple Sclerosis.  But the real problem for Leo is that he, a recovering alcoholic, relapsed several years previously, during what turned out to be an MS attack by the President.  He is saved from having to testify about this at the last minute by a recess, but the episode’s heart is the friendship between Leo & Jed Bartlett.

Excuse me, I’m just crying like a baby, don’t mind me.

— carmhelga

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Thanksgiving Nostalgia: As God as my witness, I thought Turkeys could fly

An oldie but a goodie.  Classic thanksgiving moment, brought to you by your friends at WKRP in Cincinnati.

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Thanksgiving Nostalgia: Slapsgiving

Another Thanksgiving clip from a favorite TV show.  Slapsgiving: Legen– wait for it, then carve it up, eat it, and go into a food coma– DARY.

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