Thank You, Dixie Carter

I’ve always been shy. It’s sometimes hard for me to speak up for myself or get angry with people who deserve it, because I avoid conflict like it’s my job. So I love seeing women–real or fictional–who aren’t afraid to speak up or get angry. These kick-ass ladies become my role models. They inspire me to stop being shy and to stand up for myself. And without a doubt, one of these women I aspire to be is Julia Sugarbaker.

I loved watching Designing Women reruns back when they were on Lifetime, and my favorite episodes were the ones where Julia got to yell at someone and be awesome while doing so. She stood up for herself, for her sister, for her friends. She was their champion, the one who never backed down or let anyone treat them without the respect they deserved. She was a wonderful comedic character, but she was also one of my role models. And no one could have played her like Dixie Carter.

So thank you, Dixie Carter, for giving such life and spirit to one of my favorite fictional ladies. You’ll be missed. Rest in peace.



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