Doctor Who Trailer: Bow Ties and Pretty Hair

Carmhelga may hate me for this, because she’s still mourning the imminent departure of David Tennant on Doctor Who, but after seeing this new trailer, I am SUPER EXCITED for series five.

Some things I’m flailing about:

1) I can’t even tell you how much the Doctor’s bow tie has swayed my opinion. After Matt Smith was first announced as the eleventh doctor, I was so afraid we were going to go in some kind of emo-kid direction with the Doctor. But then the bow tie gave me hope that they’re going to make Eleven kind of a dork. That would be really okay with me. I’m hoping for some social awkwardness with a side of badass. I have this feeling I’m actually going to love Eleven, and I’m not really sure where it comes from (other than the bow tie).

2) Karen Gillan’s hair entrances me. Again, I was worried at first since they were making both the Doctor and his companion so young, but…I’m sorry, I’m too distracted by her shiny red hair to even care anymore. But I don’t want there to be another romance a la the Doctor/Rose angstfest, please. Some casual flirting is allowed. I’m not worried about the kiss in the trailer, because they ALWAYS come up with a way for the Doctor and his companion to kiss. Even Donna kissed him.

3) THE ANGELS FROM “BLINK” ARE BACK. Steven Moffat, your episodes are always my favorites, but I also like sleeping at night. Please keep that in mind.

4) Actually, that’s the one thing that always makes me excited about the new season. Moffat’s episodes from the last four seasons have been so consistently wonderful, and I’m insanely excited to see what he does with the show.

Until then, I’m gonna go cry some more over Tennant.




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2 responses to “Doctor Who Trailer: Bow Ties and Pretty Hair

  1. carmhelga


    But yes, I am feeling genuinely hopeful for series five. Evidently they’re doing an “absent-minded professor” thing with Eleven, which I can definitely get behind.

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