Things I would like to own, Episode II: Attack of the T-shirts

So, several months ago, as a direct result of some good old-fashioned insomnia, I posted this list of nerdy things I totally wished I had.

Now, inspired by various family members’ demand for a “christmas list” from me, and some pretty outstanding shirts I have come across in the last few days, I present another list of weird, nerdy, and occasionally useless things I would totally by for myself if I wasn’t a broke student.

(Incidentally, I am really not difficult to buy for, I promise, but people seem to need very specific instructions for some reason…)

The immediate inspiration for this post was this T-shirt (discovered via io9).

Look at it again.  Really take it in.  Is this not the greatest thing you’ve ever seen?  No really, what is better than this?  That’s what I thought.

I also love the ridiculousness coupled with super-nerdom inherent in this shirt. I am pretty sure I could walk around all day in this shirt without anyone knowing what in the hell my shirt was supposed to mean.  And God knows I love a good Dalek joke.

Speaking of dorky Doctor Who shirts

Because, seriously.  I’m going to miss David Tennant so much and I plan on watching his last two episodes with a box of tissues.

As long as they don’t come with real tauntaun smell.  It will never rival the Little Mermaid sleeping bag of my youth, but it’s still pretty cool.

Dude Watchin’ with the Brontes.  YoSaffBridge will argue with me over the specifics on this one, but this T-shirt (and the comic on which it is based) is amazing.

I think a On Notice dry erase board would be really, really useful.

So, YoSaffBridge got me a Teddy Roosevelt finger puppet like this a few years ago and it’s on my fridge, rocking out and being awesome as we speak.  But I think it’s time he was joined by magnetic finger puppet ELEANOR ROOSEVELT.  (How do they not have an FDR, by the way?  Whatever, Eleanor’s the best Roosevelt anyway).

There you have it, an assortment of random geeky or nerdy gifts I desire.  The internet is an amazing place sometimes.

— carmhelga


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One response to “Things I would like to own, Episode II: Attack of the T-shirts

  1. YoSaffBridge


    Especially the Dalek shirt.

    AND THE BRONTE SHIRT. I won’t even argue on Emily’s behalf, because it’s too awesome.

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