Yes, that WAS him: Pete Campbell

You know that moment, when you’re reading someone’s imdb page, where you scream out HOLY CRAP, THAT WAS HIM?

It is imdb’s greatest contribution to the world, that moment.  Well, I’ve decided to share some of those moments with the rest of the internet.

I’ll start with my inspiration: Mr. Vincent Kartheiser, who incidentally I kind of love.  (Read this.  Or watch this.  He’s just ADORABLE).

Some random article I was reading mentioned he was Angel’s son, and though I never watched Angel and that meant very little to me, it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t really know what Kartheiser had been in before Mad Men, so I imdbed him.

And I found this:

(actually I can’t find a good youtube video of an actual scene from the movie but here’s this random edited together video of him as SNAKE from All I wanna do, which also featured Kirsten Dunst, Rachael Leigh Cook, Matthew Lawrence, and Gabby Hoffman.  It was originally called “Strike!” actually but I’ve always known it as “All I wanna do.”)

His name was <i>Snake</i> and he was the townie rebel!  I loved him!  I remember his character very clearly, and it’s been years since I’ve seen that movie.  This is exciting news that, I believe, will lead to a rewatch of this movie.

And how about Indian in the Cupboard?  Not just the books, but the movie?  Because Vincent Kartheiser WAS TOTALLY THE BROTHER.  No, seriously, go look.  Baby teenage Vincent Kartheiser!

— carmhelga



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3 responses to “Yes, that WAS him: Pete Campbell

  1. YoSaffBridge

    HAAAA MANDY OH MY GOD. I remember watching that episode the first time it aired. And it’s funny you pick that one clip of Connor, because usually, he’s a sullen little bastard, and I hated him. Ugh, Connor.

    Okay, sorry, completely missing the actual point of your excitement.

    • carmhelga

      No, I assumed you would be more fixated on the Connor thing. I’m sure I’ll watch Angel at some point (oh, and the rest of Buffy…)

      I do feel the need to add this:

  2. Cushionmover

    I love Pete! And Kartheiser. And Connor was amazing when he came back from Quor Toth.Can he be any cuter.

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