“Always play with their minds” is a good motto

So, I flipped on the TV a minute ago and Grease 2 was on.  I don’t have the undying affection for this movie that certain other people do, but I do love Cool Rider.  And that was what was on.  What that movie REALLY did for me, though, was make me think about Empire Records (see, Sandy’s cousin Michael Carrington?  YEAH THAT’S REX MANNING).

I love Empire Records and more specifically, I love Lucas.  No, really.  When I was younger, I loved AJ.  He was cute and earnest.  I like earnest.  Lucas is earnest, too, he’s just also completely and totally insane, so he wins!

This clip demonstrates his awesomeness.  Enjoy.

(Please don’t psychoanalyze me).


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