Of MASH and friends

Do you remember MASH?  No, not that one, though that is awesome.

I mean… THIS ONE.  A roadmap to your future, from the paper fortune teller and coke can tab school of thought.  I don’t know about you, but I did not enter into these types of things lightly.  I am a naturally superstitious person (thank you, baseball!) and I was of the belief that looking into these things was like tempting fate.

I mean, maybe they didn’t have any power, but what if they DID, and I would have to marry Brian P. and have 6 kids.  I WAS NOT READY FOR THAT TYPE OF COMMITMENT.

So I made fortune tellers, but I rarely used them.  I let other people use them.  I watched people play their MASH games, but I think I only ever took the plunge once.

I bring this up because, well, I feel like our modern day version of the elementary school lunch table is at it again.  I speak, of course, of facebook; more specifically, I speak of facebook quizzes.  For the last few weeks, my news feed has been letting me know things like:

  • High-School-Acquaintance-X will be married on June 17 2010.  (“Oh my GOD!” says High-School-Acquaintance-X, “that’s in less than a year!”)
  • Girl-from-that-one-class-freshman-year will have 3 girls and 1 boys!  She will name them Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter.
  • In a year, friend-of-a-friend-Y will live in… Argentina!

Well, you get the idea.  On one level, I get why these types of things are appealing.  They give you a very specific idea of your future, and allow you to react to that in some way (I would NEVER have 6 kids!  I can’t go to Italy next year, I don’t speak a word of Italian!).  Ruling stuff out, when you’re not really sure what you’re going to do with your life… that’s sort of comforting.

They can also be funny, because the results– based, after all, on random determinations and not really fact– can be incredibly counter-intuitive.  The thought of High-School-Friend Z living in Las Vegas with her 5 kids, working as a pastry chef, if you know that the aforementioned friend hates the heat, children, and the kitchen? That’s some good stuff.

But still, here I sit, watching others doing it and being completely unwilling to play along.  I found the online MASH game to link to, and thought “Oh, I should play!”

And then I totally didn’t.  Because I am still not ready for that kind of commitment.


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