That doesn’t seem right: Clorox has dangling modifier issues

I’ve been watching the Mad Men marathon on AMC today, and they’ve shown an ad for Clorox Bleach several times.  I’ve seen the ad before, but never really paid much attention to it.  Perhaps it was the effects of watching a show about advertising, but I ended up paying closer attention to it than normal and realized that, well, someone didn’t give the thought to the copy they probably should have.

Jim is confused.

Listen carefully.

“Your mother.  Her mother.  They all did the laundry.”  Okay, a bit of a reductive statement, but nothing out of the ordinary for a laundry commercial.

And then:

“Maybe even a man or two.”

Wait… what?  They all did…  a man or two?  What does this have to do with laundry?  Or are you hoping that making us all think about our grandmothers sex lives will end in a rush on Clorox Bleach FOR OUR BRAINS.

(I am, evidently, not the only person who has had this experience).

— carmhelga



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2 responses to “That doesn’t seem right: Clorox has dangling modifier issues

  1. theflounder

    I mean…

  2. Joe Wheeler

    I saw this commercial during the marathon too. Saw it again on Sunday during Mad Men. Glad someone else noticed.

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