Phones and soda will CHANGE THE WORLD!

I’ve been noticing a trend lately.  It seems that, while I chose my current cell phone because it was on sale when my previous phone snapped in half, and I drink diet coke because it’s the greatest soda in the world, others choose their cell phones and sodas for reasons related to world-changin’ and philosophy-considerin’.   See, because if they advertise to you by talking about changing the world, then buying that product will mean you changed the world!  No, it totally works.

After the jump, a few of these ads, and a couple of of the inspiring and insightful comments from youtube (because those are  always gold).

I’ll start with:

U2’s new ad for blackberry:

My first thoughts:

Yeah, Bono, let’s CHANGE THE WORLD.  Together!  Let’s do it!  Wait, you want me to buy a what?

Most insightful youtube comment:

every generation gets a chance to change the world so true
Palm Pre reincarnation ad:

My first thoughts:

You were talking to “a friend” about this?  Is this “friend” JESUS?  And why are you reading this like you’re auditing for a role in your high school play?  Wait, you laughed at your friend’s philosophical question about an important religious concept because of a PHONE?  And, on a related note, why am I so creeped out right now?
Classiest youtube comment:
i wanna call her on her phone and tell her shes a skank.
My first thoughts:
Hey it’s Bob Dylan.  And Will.I.Am.  With the same glasses.  Soldiers!  Kung-fu!  I totally get it, the more things change the more they stay the same!  Big ugly cars!  Wait, Gumby and Shrek?  *sips from Diet Coke*
Greatest youtube comment (ever?):
i thought it was Andy Samberg and not Bob Dylan at first.
This is just a small sampling of my education on the matter.
— carmhelga

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One response to “Phones and soda will CHANGE THE WORLD!

  1. YoSaffBridge


    Whenever I watch weird ads now, I try to imagine how they came up with it, and it always becomes Don Draper giving this really important speech about how blackberries aren’t just phones…they’re the salvation of our society. Or no, wait, that’s popsicles.

    Those Youtube comments cracked me up. Oh, people.

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