GDR #10: Melody Time (1948)

MelodyposterThis movie is basically Make Mine Music 2: Electric Boogaloo, but it’s not as good. Or at least, I didn’t like it as much. In MMM, I liked the longer pieces a lot, but in this one, I really didn’t care for them. I just prefer opera-singing whales to anthropomorphized tugboats, I guess.

And so we begin. No frame story in this one, other than a phantom paintbrush that paints in the title.

Once Upon a Wintertime: I really liked the animation in this one–it’s kind of geometric and like, art deco or something. Let’s pretend I know what I’m talking about. Anyway, it’s pretty, and the bunnies are cute, and there’s stylish ice skating like in Fantasia. Cute, but not that amazing.

Bumble Boogie: This is more Fantasia-esque, with the music and animation working together, and the music being vaguely classical, but jazzed up considerably.

Johnny Appleseed: This is our first longer piece. There’s actual non-singing dialogue, but there’s also music, of course. You know the story of Johnny Appleseed? Yeah, that’s basically what happens. I’ve never been that interested in Johnny Appleseed, so I was bored. Sorry.

Little Toot: Narrated/sung by the Andrews Sisters, this is the story of a rambunctious tugboat that gets into some trouble and then saves the day with his rambunctiousness. Or something. I’m not really interested in tugboats, either, I guess. It’s cute?

Trees: So, I guess I am interested in trees, cause I really liked this one. It’s very pretty, and the wildlife animation reminded me of Bambi. And then there’s some random, unexpected Christian imagery at the end, but we’ll just focus on the pretty trees, okay?

Blame It on the Samba: Oh Lord, it’s Donald Duck and Jose Carioca again. Will I never be rid of you? But more importantly, this short features the return of…THAT CRAZY BIRD FROM THE THREE CABALLEROS! I missed him so! Donald and Jose are feeling blue, so the Aracuan bird peps them up with some samba dancing. There’s more live action weirdness. Considering how much of an acid trip The Three Caballeros is, I don’t think it’s entirely inaccurate to say that I felt like I was having flashbacks from that movie. The Aracuan keeps me entertained, which is good, because at one point there are random bubbles floating around.

Pecos Bill: We’ve already come to our last short! It’s a long one, though, starting out with Roy Rogers and other cowboy fellows telling two children the story of Pecos Bill to explain why coyotes howl at the moon. At least this time there aren’t any creepy puppets. Pecos Bill was raised by coyotes, we learn, and his BFF is a horse, and then one day, he meets a cowgirl and falls in love. The horse gets jealous, so he throws her off the day of their wedding, and she’s thrown all the way to the moon. And that’s why Pecos Bill and his coyotes howl at the moon. I don’t know why these movies keep ending on such sad notes. Just…that’s the end of the movie–Bill howling sadly at the moon because his jealous bitch of a horse couldn’t be happy for him. The End. Not as bad as dead whales, I guess, but still.

I feel like I was kind of “meh” during the whole movie. I’ve never been a tall tale kind of girl. But the Aracuan just makes everything better.

Favorite scene: Blame It on the Samba

Because I just REALLY LOVE THAT BIRD. Ignore the bubbles.

Next time: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad!


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