Songs of America: A Young Patriot’s Guide

I remember song lyrics better than I remember anything else.  I am confident I could master just about anything if given an opportunity to learn that subject in song.  Perhaps that’s why I love history and government so much– my childhood was full with songs about history and government, and I remember them all quite fondly.  And so, in celebration of America’s birthday, I offer a random assortment of songs about history or government.  Good stuff.

The Animaniacs teach you the Presidents:

…and the capitals of the 50 states:

The Preamble to the Constitution, School House Rock style:

How a bill becomes a law:

The Writing of the Declaration of Independence— (not exactly from my childhood and no, not the most historically accurate thing in the world, but thoroughly charming):

Ren Stevens has a (very) little something to say about the moon landing:

Glory, God, and Gold and the Virginia Company: (While this song is not deep in terms of historical information, it did help me impress a teacher by knowing the phrase “Glory, God, and Gold”)

TAFT(The song starts about a minute in.  But it’s worth it).

[I may add to this as the day goes on and random things occur to me, so come back and check again later]


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  1. YoSaffBridge


    I miss Histeria.

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