But I don’t want to go among mad people


New images/concept art from Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie are now floating around the Internet, and though some may be a little weirded out by it, I am so freaking excited, I don’t know how I’m going to wait until March 5th for this movie. Yes, it looks really creepy, but it’s creepy in all the right ways. It’s creepy in a fantastical way, just like most of Tim Burton’s work, and just like Alice in Wonderland is supposed to be.

And yeah, I’m excited about Tim Burton and Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman and Stephen Fry and Helena Bonham Carter and so forth, but there’s another name that makes me even more optimstic about this movie. And that name is LINDA “I WROTE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, SO SUCK ON THAT” WOOLVERTON. Since I’m inclined towards literary pursuits, knowing that a good screenwriter is writing the script goes a long way for me. And knowing that Linda Woolverton is writing this just…makes my soul dance with joy. Especially since this isn’t a straightforward adaptation of Lewis Carroll, the movie needs a strong story, and I’m so glad the woman who wrote one of my favorite movies is in charge of providing that story.

Did I  mention she also worked on Homeward Bound? And The Lion King?



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  1. Isabella

    I can’t believe that Johnny Depp looks even worse in this movie than in that Willy Wonka movie! Tim Burton, leave Johnny cute for goodness sakes–geesh!

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