And now, a vaguely perplexing follow-up

So, looking at the previously mentioned “Smell of Books” website, I came across the “Warnings” page:

Please use in well ventilated area. May cause dizziness and hallucinations. May cause itching and runny nose. If symptoms persist for longer than eight weeks please consult your physician. Not for use on “real” books. Do not use while riding public transportation. Discard empty container with hazardous waste. Not for use as a room deodorizer. Not for use on burning books. Do not use on a Zune.

So, two things.  First of all, is that really how we had to phrase it?  “Not for use on burning books,” not “avoid open flames” or something?  Who brings a spray can of Book Smell to a book-burning?

Secondly, hallucinations?!?  So, what, I spray my Kindle with some Book Smell and then later that day, the fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream pop out and start dancing around or something?  That’s a little disquieting

— carmhelga


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