GDR #7: The Three Caballeros (1944)

three_caballerosI watched this movie forever ago, but I’ve been avoiding posting about it, because I don’t even know what to say. It starts out all well and good, but the second half of it is pretty much beyond my comprehension. It’s kind of a drug trip of a movie.

So, like Saludos Amigos, the movie has a whole Latin American theme and is comprised of various segments connected through a frame story. Or at least, it starts out that way. It’s Donald’s birthday, and his bird friends from down south have sent him some presents. Okay, I’m following. The first segment is adorable and involves a penguin who finds the South Pole a little too cold. There’s a linear storyline and everything. Sounds good. There’s also a story about a flying donkey. That’s not even the weird part of the movie. Things are still making sense. Then we get a nature show on birds. It’s cute, and everything’s fine until this happens:

WHAT. Okay, not gonna lie, I’m kind of obsessed with this clip. The first time watching it, I was confused, but upon subsequent viewings, I’ve decided it’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT BIRD? It’s crazy! I love it!

It’s all going to get weirder from this point on. We have the return of Jose Carioca, Brazilian dancing bird extraordinaire. He dances around for a while (at one point multiplying into several dancing birds? I don’t know), and then he and Donald travel to Baia. And…that’s when the live action starts happening. It’s like they took film of people dancing and just animated Donald and Jose over it, so they’re kind of interacting, but not. It’s weird. And not in the awesome way, like the bird.

A little later, we get a new bird–Panchito, who’s from Mexico. And then there’s a fun song! And I briefly start to think that the movie is coming back to some sense of normalcy and linear narrative. But no! We get more weird live action stuff, this time in Mexico, and then the movie just gives up and becomes an acid trip.

No, really. There are lots of bright colors and dancing and…roses with singing faces. And Donald wants to kiss one of them? And then cacti turn into people, but they’re just shadows…I don’t even know how to explain this. It’s basically an acid trip. Obviously, this movie goes along with Saludos Amigos in some ways, but it’s more…abstract. A lot more abstract.

(It was really, really weird, you guys.)

Favorite scene: THAT BIRD. But other than that, The Three Caballeros song.

Because it’s fun and catchy and it’s like the only part I could make sense of in the second half of the movie.

Next time: Make Mine Music!


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One response to “GDR #7: The Three Caballeros (1944)

  1. carmhelga


    Although, I was never crazy about the end either, if that makes you feel better. But I loved the actual three caballeros, and the song, plus the penguin, and the crazy bird. When you’re a little kid, I think you can more easily block out the wtf moments and focus on the fun.

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