Reruns!: A routine expedition

When I think of “the Land of the Lost,” I think of the 1991 remade TV show that aired on ABC.  But, with the movie coming out… sometime soon (I honestly have no idea when.  Anna Friel, I love you but I’m probably not going to see it) Sci-fi had a marathon of the original Land of the Lost on today. So I was flipping through and…  wow.

Here’s the theme, complete with some pretty killer special effects.

I can’t look away.

Oh, and here’s the Theme Song I remember.  What I love most about this one is how remarkably nineties this is.  It sounds vaguely like a million other early 90s kids show themes.


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One response to “Reruns!: A routine expedition

  1. theflounder

    The 90’s version was pretty much my whole life when I was in elementary school. Ah, memories.

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