That doesn’t seem right: news fail

So I use Bloglines to organize my RSS feeds.  Helps me keep track of the many, random websites I tend to read on any given day.  For some reason, today, it’s been glitching on me like crazy, gathering stories from various times over the last 1-2 years.

Jim is confused.

Here are a few of the BREAKING NEWS stories my RSS feed would like me to know about:

  • Exclusive: 7th Heaven Canceled
  • Wal-mart braces for a blue christmas [By the way, this article was from Christmas… 2006]
  • ‘High School Musical’ creating a pop-phenom
  • The Politics of Style: Who Wore It Best?  New Hampshire Debate Edition [yes, that’s the Democratic Primary Debate.  It was when Chris Dodd was still participating, so…]
  • New on DVD Tuesday: The Last Kiss
  • First Blue-ray Drives won’t play Blue-ray movies
  • Notes: optimistic Gagne reports [yes, that’s Eric Gagne, and if you know anything about baseball and the Dodgers, you know how outdated, and misleading, THAT one is]
  • Halle Berry: Yes, I’m pregnant
  • NBC Universal ditches ITunes [God, that was a disaster.  So glad they worked that one out.]
  • Second-seeded Nadal stumbles out of Roger Cup [Now, of course, he’s top-seeded Nadal, and he’s stumbling out of the French Open.]

Just thought I’d share the blast from the past there.

— carmhelga


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