Summer is the time for British Sci-fi news

Lots of Doctor Who news trickling out the last few weeks.

First up, TENNANT.  I’m going to miss him so very much, but luckily we WILL be getting a few extra appearances of the Tenth Doctor– he’ll make two more appearances on the Sarah Jane Adventures this year.  Plus, there is the vague, happy chance of a Tennant-led film.  That would be awesome, though I’m guessing any film would star the Eleventh Doctor.

David Tennant

Also, for us Americans, good news: BBC America-– and not “Scy-fy” as they are so elegantly called now–will play the final few Tennant (and Russell T. Davies) specials, starting on June 27th.

Here’s some news that DOESN’T thrill me.  As I’ve said before, my undying love for Tennant makes me sort of dislike Matt Smith before he even begins– which I recognize is completely unfair.  I’ll give him a chance, I promise.  Anyway, Smith is 26.  Now, we get casting news on his new companion, Karen Gillan who is… wait for it…. 21.  That sort of makes me nervous.  That’s a lot of youth there.  (I’m sorry, I occasionally go into “hey you kids, get off my lawn” mode, despite being around Ms. Gillan’s age.  I’m a grumpy old church lady at heart).

And frankly, despite liking Rose by and large, and being quite fond of Martha, I’d prefer if this companion didn’t fall in love with the Doctor.  That’d be good. Maybe it’s unfair of me to assume that she will, but it DOES seem to be a bit of a trend with young companions, doesn’t it?  GOD I’m going to miss Donna.

Anyway, good to hear some Doctor Who news, and I’m looking forward to the first special on June 27th.

— carmhelga


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