The week that was: living up to our name

A little later than normal, I offer up some tidbits from the last week

  • Anna Friel in a stage version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s!  Oh Chuck, how I miss you terribly.
  • An interview with the all-around awesome Jane Lynch about Party Down and GLEEEEEE!
  • Well, David Tennant may be leaving Doctor Who, but he WILL be hosting Masterpiece Contemporary.  I feel bad for Matt Smith, because I totally already hate Eleven just because I WILL MISS TENNANT.  Also, Matt Smith has stupid hair.
  • You know how we feel about musicals around here.  I am also a great lover of Monty Python, most especially MICHAEL PALIN.  For that reason, I love A Fish Called Wanda.  Now, John Cleese is working on a musical version of A Fish Called Wanda.  That is SO WEIRD, but SO AWESOME.
  • Speaking of musicals, an Addams Family musical?
  • Cute animals with other cute animals!  Always a good thing!
  • Dollhouse got renewed!  yay!  This will possibly mean some changes in the show.  io9 does a nice job laying out the ways the decision may have an effect on the show.
  • Will Ferrel hosted SNL last night, and that meant: THE RETURN OF JEOPARDY.  And Tom Hanks.
  • A useful explanation.
  • Promo for this weeks season finale of HIMYM!  It appears to be SUPER SPOILER-Y (but completely awesome).
  • New Glee promos!  Tuesday night at 9!

— carmhelga


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