The week that was: Living up to our name

As I deal with crippling baseball-related depression, I offer up some random stories and thoughts from the week… plus a cute fluffy animal.

  • Jezebel presents a list of terms from children’s literature we should TOTALLY work on turning into mainstream slang.
  • “Alpha” interview over on Ausiello.  If you haven’t seen last week’s Dollhouse yet, DO NOT READ.
  • Mindy Kaling is freaking awesome, as was evidenced by her kick-ass dance moves on last night’s episode of the Office, and now she’s getting her own show.  This is exciting, but also sad because in addition to loving Kelly, I love Mindy’s writing (DUNDIES DUNDIES DUNDIES).
  • Star Tours– the Disneyland ride– is getting redone.  YoSaffBridge, look away.  Boba Fett and prequel characters are involved.
  • You know how Stephen Colbert got a treadmill named after him in on the Space Shuttle?  Here it is!
  • Not a Trekkie (or Trekker, which ever you prefer) but I’m still very excited about the new movie.  Early review (with spoilers) is here.
  • Milo Ventihoweveryouspellit (okay, I copied and pasted, it’s “Ventimiglia”) wants to know, if Indiana Jones and Han Solo got in a fight, who would win?
  • Folks, I genuinely liked last nights episode of Parks & Recreation.  I was predisposed to like the show because a) Amy Poehler, b) Mike Schur (Ken Tremendous, I miss you!) and c) I love the theme song.  Seriously, it’s so much fun!  Last night was fun, and I really love the the central relationship on the show is between two women (a, contrary to appearances in the episode, platonic relationship).
  • Stephen Colbert: geeky dreamboat (I mean, duh!).  I glanced through that book the other day, and I found a shockingly, well maybe not for me but still, high number of my celebrity crushes on that list.  Though, I didn’t see David Tennant (glanced, might have missed him) which I think is a shame.  Let’s be honest though, Stephen Colbert is king of the nerds.  KING.
  • Haven’t watched Scrubs in a while, but I caught the finale and it was, honestly, amazing.  Reminded me of all the things I loved about the show, all of the things it could do very very well, and yes, it made me cry.  Even if you’ve been out for a while, catch it.
  • If THIS HAPPENS, I will die happy.  NPH and Betty White.  It might be too awesome.

— carmhelga


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2 responses to “The week that was: Living up to our name

  1. Janetheflounder

    Han and Indiana would both win. Because they would both shoot at the same time. No one Harrison can shoot faster than the other. If one could, the universe would explode. It’s physics.

  2. carmhelga

    Hmm, I’m pretty sure Han would shoot first. rimshot!

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