Marshall’s charts: part 2

So it seems that, while Ted, Barney and Robin thought it merited an intervention, Marshall’s charts were actually really, really awesome.  Therefore, I will dedicate an entire post to their awesomeness, and attempt to reconstruct them.  Because I have finals next week, and a desire to avoid studying for them at all costs.

I’ll keep updating, as people tell me what things say and if I can figure them out myself.  (If you can read something I can’t/get a joke I don’t/think I misread something, post a comment or shoot us an email.  Thanks!)

In the meantime, a partial overview:

First up, Marshall’s Barney-related graphs.

success rate graph HIMYM

jim abbot HIMYM

Secondly, dirty sounding Presidential names.  They are:

1. Johnson, 2. Bush, 3. Harding, 4. Polk, 5. Filmore, 6. Pierce, 7. LBJ, 8. Hoover, 9. Bush, 10. Clinton.

presidential names HIMYM

Thirdly, Ceclia.

    "This circle represents people who are breaking my heart. And this circle represents people who are shaking my confidence daily. And where do they overlap? Cecilia."

The PIE chart of his favorite BARS (In percentage of awesomeness):

favorite bars HIMYM

Strangely, Mclaren’s is only slightly in the lead, with 30% which, the key tells us, makes it Super righteously awesome.  Second place is McGee’s with 28%, which earns it the ranking of “uber awesome.”  (McGee’s, by the way, is the name of the REAL bar on which Mclaren’s is based.  True story).  Third place: P & Gs with 27% (which is, I think, almost uber awesome?), then White Horse Tavern with 12% (“comparatively non-awesome) and King Cole Bar with 3%.

The BAR chart of his favorite PIES (in percentage of tastiness).

favorite pies HIMYM

Okay, from left to right it’s Strawberry Rhubarb, Pumpkin, Lemon Meringue, Blueberry, and Key-lime.  The rankings are similar to the bar rankings (ex.: Blueberry is “Super righteously tasty” while Strawberry Rhubarb is “Uber tasty”).

[projection charts to be added soon]

The projections are color coded: Marshall=Red, Lily=Green, Barney=Blue, Robin=um…  Cardinal?  the other red?, Ted=yellow.  Robin has the most consistent downward trend in interest, while Ted dips down fast but then comes back up a little and stabilizes as the most interested of the group in Marshall’s charts and graphs.  Yes, more interested than his wife.

– carmhelga


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