The week that was: living up to our name

Some random bigs and pieces from the week… and an lolcat.

  • A story in Wired about nerd fandom and Sherlock Holmes.  (I’m underselling it.  It’s actually a really interesting article about the origins and nature of fandom)
  • Popwatch talks about the trouble with Sci-fi on television.  io9, meanwhile, says that the nature of sci-fi storytelling on television is more cerebral and less action movie-y, which helps explains the difficulty.
  • News round-up about Mad Men season 3!  I’m excited.  I miss Peggy.
  • Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.  I’m not making this up.
  • Speaking of confusing movie concepts, I’m still weirded out by the Moneyball movie.  Brad Pitt as Billy Beane and Demetri Martin as Paul DePodesta?    Oooookay.  Maybe it’ll be like Mean Girls (which was, after all, an adaptation “Queen Bees and Wannabes”).  On the other hand, I really don’t like Billy Beane.  So that’s a problem.
  • Twitter is apparently contributing to misinformation and panic over swine flu.  I knew there was a reason I didn’t trust Twitter!
  • Ausiello at EW lists the pick-up status for shows for next fall.
  • OBAMA PICTURES.  There is a lot of adorable in that family.   This is my favorite one.  But I also love this one (like why are the President and a Governor moving the couch?)  And I would like to hang with these two.
  • The genesis of the texting prank on How I Met Your Mother this week.
  • It’s a new Potter Puppet Pal!!!

— carmhelga


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  1. Sci-Fi is the best, i love sci-fi movies, books and stuffs like that. I am a man of science that is why i love it ‘”`

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