True story.

So I have classes on Monday nights.  (or at least, I did.  what up, last week of school?)  This means, unfortunately, missing How I Met Your Mother (a show I am, obviously obsessed with) and watching it the next day online.

Not last night.  I got home from my class and had an email from YoSaffBridge that said, among other things


So I did.  And within the first minute, I knew this was going to be a good one.  Why?  Because…

(transcript of the exchange here)

Seriously.  I think they could have just showed that bit on repeat for 22 minues and I would have come out of it going “BEST EPISODE EVER.”

That being said, last night was just a lot of fun all around, even with out Lily around.  The middle of this season has felt a little flat– full of some fun individual moments, and still a show I look forward to, but it’s just felt like it’s been lacking a little bit of a consistent story-arc, that moment the season is moving towards.  (Season one had the Robin-Ted relationship, Season two had the Robin-Ted breakup, season three had the Ted-Stella relationship).

But last night’s episode?  Was just completely delightful.  Jason Segal and Neil Patrick Harris play off each other so well, and last night made the best of their chemistry.

Other fun moments–

  • Hate to take Ted’s side, but “3 months to live” was kind of lame.  I was partial to Ted “I once killed a man with a shovel and those feelings are coming up again” but then again, I’m a strange person
  • Ted’s “texty text”
  • The fact that Marshall and Barney kept trying to have text-sex with Ted, but were actually sort of okay with it, and were in fact competitive about who he would be more likely to have sex with was pretty much a window into the wonderfully weird friendship of theirs.  And for the record, I’d pick Marshall over Barney, but NPH over Segal any day.
  • On that note, “I’m cuddly, bitch.  Deal with it.”
  • The mother mention at the end was nice.  And, despite the fact that Robin seemed a little hurt by the idea, the discussion of loving Ted FOR his crazy romanticism reminded us all why, despite Robin’s awesomeness, she and Ted were just never meant to be.
  • Stan.  Can Stan be a recurring character?  Maybe he and Wendy the Waitress could start dating…
  • “Marsha” texting “Billy.”  Despite Robin’s dismissal, it took me longer than I’m proud of it to get the joke.

Three more episodes left, and I am REALLY excited about them, because “The Three Days Rule” brought the funny.

— carmhelga


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  1. YoSaffBridge

    One of my favorite things about the Jesus spiel is the way he keeps looking over to see Robin’s reaction, and you can tell he’s all happy that she’s laughing. Oh, NPH. The things you do to my heart.

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