Bea Arthur: a snarky, smart, badass pioneer

I could not come up with a one-liner worthy of her for a headline here, and I wanted to avoid the obvious “thank you for being a friend,” line, so I guess I’ll just keep the title of this post serious.

Bea Arthur was, in one inelegant word, awesome.

There are enough tributes to said awesomeness floating around the internet.  There’s this.  And this.  Plus, this.

I’ll just say this:  she played some pretty amazing roles, and proved that you could be successful being a snarky, strong, intelligent woman in pop culture.  I wish we had more performers like her out there, and more roles like that available to women.  (An aside: when I wrote my list of favorite women in television a few months ago, I had a hard time coming up with enough characters to fill up a list.  We need more well-written female characters on television!)
In the meantime, I offer a fabulous performance by Ms. Arthur’s of “Bosom Buddies” from the musical Mame, along with another kick-ass woman, Angela Lansbury.

— carmhelga


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