The week that was: living up to our name

Some random thoughts from this week:

  • This interview with Fran Kranz of Dollhouse  is, I think, well worth a read.  (And does nothing to diminish the crush I’m developing on him.  SHUT UP.  I can disapprove of Topher’s moral choice and still think Fran Kranz is adorable).
  • I’m sorry, I actually can’t comment on this, because every time I try to, I black out and then wake up clutching my copy of The Republic and a cup of tea.  Why a cup of tea?  I don’t know, it’s all very confusing.
  • Stephen Colbert and Daisy the cow are ADORABLE.
  • Speaking of Stephen, Alligator-gate is absolutely hilarious.
  • Zap2it has a rundown of 2009 Pilot Season.
  • Draft Day tomorrow.  I’ll admit, I’m excited to find out where the awesome Trojan draft class will end up, but I’m not someone who sits and watches 8 hours of draft coverage.  I’ll read the rundown later.
  • Interesting article about the effect of The Daily Show on book sales.
  • The awesome Sarah Haskins takes on “Touch Love,” aka the only VH1 show I’ve seen more of 10 minutes of since I love the 80s part deux!  (It was horrifying but strangely fascinating).
  • Jezebel discusses the appeal of Young Adult fiction.
  • Doctor Who casting news!

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