Have I mentioned I’m really excited about Glee?

So, I posted the extended trailer for Glee last night and, coincidentally, there’s been a lot of press about the show over the last few days.  Figured I’d collect some of it here and piece the show together a little bit.



Two articles for the LA Times.

Will TV audiences watch with ‘Glee’”  helps give us a feel for the tone of Glee, as well as the sort of over-arching theme of the show, the struggle for identity.  As a huge fan of “Popular,” (which, sort of strangely given the high school context of this show, gets only two name-check mentions in this article) and only sort of casual fan of “nip/tuck,” I was happy to see this quote from Ryan Murphy about the tone of the show:

“If you look at the landscape of television, and I certainly have contributed to it with ‘Nip/Tuck,’ there’s so much darkness and blood and gore, and I think that now people maybe want something that makes them smile and feel good.”

Still, the show isn’t going to be a purely bubble gum– there’s going to be an emotional depth to it.

“Ryan certainly pushes the envelope,” [Dana Walden, chairman of 20th Century Fox Television] said. “The situations are heightened. But when a situation is supposed to be funny, it’s laugh-out-loud funny, and when he’s interested in going to an emotional place with these characters, you really feel for them. He really has the skill of taking situations to the exact right extreme. He’ll go for it, but he has an incredible barometer of knowing when to stop.”

This article also mentions that each episode has a price tag of $3 million, which is interesting because it means 1) Fox has a huge investment tied to making this show work BUT 2) the show has a small margin for error in terms of finding an audience.

Next up, again in the LA Times, this article has a behind the scenes video as well as a discussion about the music of the show.  The general theme?  Some show tunes, but mostly a collection of pop hits.

That’s not to say the show doesn’t have some Broadway cred.  Matthew Morrison, who plays the new teacher Will Schuester, among other things, originated the role of Link in Hairspray on Broadway (HSM connection!) and Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, whom I can already tell is going to be completely awesome, starred in the original cast of Spring Awakening and performed Epinone in the Hollwood Bowl Les Miz.  Girl can sing.

Still, the music is going to be just part of the show, according to Murphy.

Murphy put it another way: “It’s a small piece of the show, but it’s not what ‘Glee’ is. ‘Glee’s’ got snark. It’s got irony. It’s got comedy. It’s got Jane Lynch.” He paused. “And when the music kicks in, you’re exhilarated. Also, there’s something about those kids. When they sing it’s like crack. You just want more and more.”

Having just heard the awesome arrangement and performance of “Don’t Stop Believing” on the extended trailer, I think I understand the simile there.

There was also a on-set visit by BuzzSugar, and someone at ONTD collected some info on the cast.

I will keep posting stuff about this show because I am already obsessed.  (One of the guys over at PopWatch is, too, but at least he’s actually SEEN the pilot…)

— carmhelga


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