The most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational Muppet Week!

Hi-ho, everyone.  The last few weeks in pop culture have been oddly permeated with Muppet references.  It speaks to the awesomeness and enduring legacy of the Muppets that 10 years after the last theatrical Muppet movie, 30 years after the first, and almost 20 years since the death of Jim Henson, the Muppets are still a perfectly relevant pop culture presence.  Also: the Muppets are the best, filled to the brim with barely contained lunacy, randomness (they’re like our patron saints), and lessons about tolerance and believing in yourself and others.

So, it’s Muppet Week here at TIRB, and we’ll share our favorite Muppet moments, characters, and stories all week.

First, why don’t we get things started with the Muppet references from the last few weeks.

First, there was the AMAZING muppet reference on 30 rock.  Liz’s “Muppet walk” at the end is completely amazing.

Then, Statler and Waldorf showed up on Jimmy Fallon’s show when Jason Segel was on to promote “I Love You Man.”  Why?  Because JASON SEGEL IS WRITING A NEW MUPPET MOVIE AND I’M SO EXCITED!!1!!

And the less than amazing SNL Muppet sketch from last night (although… look at those costumes. Those are fabulous).

Anyway, come back later for more from the MUPPET WEEK!

– carmhelga


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