Funny Moments from Stuff I’m Too Old For

How I Met Your Mother references aside, there’s a lot of stuff I’m probably too old for, but still enjoy. Children’s entertainment has a special place in my heart. I still read children’s books, watch children’s movies and sometimes children’s TV shows, and play children’s games. I am too old for that stuff, but it doesn’t stop me from loving it. So it’s time for a Funny Moment from Stuff I’m Too Old For.

Yes, I rented and watched Tinker Bell, the direct-to-DVD CGI movie about Tinkerbell and her fairy friends in Pixie Hollow. This might be because I’m obsessed with Pixie Hollow, the online game where you make a fairy and have her fly around and collect stuff. It wasn’t a very good movie–shocking, I know. But there’s one moment that made me seriously laugh out loud.

To set the scene: Tinker Bell is a tinker fairy, meaning she makes weird stuff. Here, she’s demonstrating to the other fairies a new thing she made to help chipmunks crack acorns open. Things go awry.



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One response to “Funny Moments from Stuff I’m Too Old For

  1. carmhelga

    That’s not just physical pain, that’s some psychological pain she’s just inflicted on the squirrel there.

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