OPIOW: Agnes Moorehead

Let’s talk about how awesome Endora is.

I’ve loved Bewitched since I was six, but let’s be honest–Darrin is the worst husband ever. He’s intimidated by his wife’s power and wants her to suppress it. Yeah, Sam says it’s her choice, too, but seriously, she uses her powers so often, it’s clear that they’re a part of her she can never fully renounce. She’s a witch, dammit, and Darrin just can’t deal with that. He even tries to make his daughter give up her witchy powers despite the fact that they’re a part of her, too. I’ve never been okay with Darrin’s insistence that Samantha live as mortals do. NEVER.

So thank goodness for Endora. She pretty much voices my frustrations for me, and she gets to insult and curse Darwood on my behalf. Also, she’s a badass. Agnes Moorehead has always been my favorite part of the show, and thanks to her, I can get through the episodes without wanting to reach through the TV and strangle Darrin. After all, she does it for me!


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