The week that was: living up to our name

I offer another collection of random stories that slipped through the cracks this week, but that I wanted to share/talk about.

Also, I offer a kitty (and a physics joke!)

  • Speaking of feuds, the epicness of the Jon Stewart/Jim Cramer feud comes to a climax tonight, with Cramer’s appearance on the Daily Show.  I think Dora said it best– it’s really not about the individual mistakes Cramer or any other reporter made, it was the general tone of financial reporting that did a great disservice to the American people.
  • The new iPod shuffle is cool looking, but as someone who loses/breaks headphones all the time, I’m not crazy about the idea of needing to use the provided headphones to make it functional.
  • CODE RED:  Sesame Street is in trouble.  This is unacceptable and I defer, as is often the case, to Toby Ziegler on the matter.  Also, if you have the ability, you might consider donating to the Workshop.  This is worth helping!
  • On Tuesday, there is going to be a Battlestar Galactica retrospective at the UN.  It’s going to be moderated by Whoopi Goldberg.  Because she likes the show?
  • World Baseball Classic has a real Cinderella story on its hands: The NETHERLANDS beat the Dominican Republic.  Twice.  And, like the Dodgers of the 1960s, they’re doing it with great pitching and almost no hitting.  (Favorite Dodger story about that, and an oft-repeated one: Don Drysdale, after being told Sandy Koufax had thrown a no hitter, asked “Did we win?”)  Seriously, though, look at these guys celebrate.  It’s kind of cool to watch.  They’re playing Venezuala on Saturday.
  • Um… THIS IS SO EXCITING.  Joss+ musicals+ This American Life= AWESOME.
  • An interesting story about the possibility of a contemporary portrait of Shakespeare being discovered.
  • New(ish) Harry Potter trailer. I wonder how they pulled off a PG rating.
  • Heathers– the musical? If Kristen Bell is involved, I am so there.

— carmhelga


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One response to “The week that was: living up to our name

  1. Janetheflounder

    lol cats make me happy.

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