The Great Disney Rewatchathon Kick-Off

245936-disney_logo_largeOh, Disney. My love for you will never die. Even during that time of crappy made-for-video sequels and less-than-amazing feature films, I did not lose hope. And now I have been rewarded. For lo! In the distance is a new shining beacon of light and joy. And its name is The Princess and the Frog. Traditional 2-D animation, Jazz-style musical numbers, and the directors of Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. Let us hope that this will usher in a new Disney Renaissance like the one that came before. A Rerenaissance, if you will.

To celebrate this return from the tempting devils of CGI back to the beautiful, hand-drawn animation that we all remember so fondly, I have decided to watch (…mostly rewatch) every movie in the Disney Animated Canon. I will call it the Great Disney Rewatchathon. As I make my way through animated history, I’ll keep you updated on my journey, with some random (and maybe even insightful?) thoughts on the grand trajectory of Disney animated features. First up: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Stay tuned.



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