Space Fanageddon

If you were to make a list of most dedicated fanbases, Whedonites and the Colbert Nation would certainly be very high up on the list.

I bring this up, because I feel a FAN FEUD coming on.

On an episode of the Colbert Report last week, Colbert told his people (yes, okay, I’m one of them) to go to NASA’s website, and write-in “Colbert” in the poll to name the Space Station’s new section.  Not surprisingly, given the frightening obedience and dedication of the Colbert Nation, “Colbert” jumped to the top.

In second place (and on of NASA’s actually suggested names)?

Yes.  A space station… named Serenity.  Serenity, the name of the space ship in Firefly.  Colbert, meanwhile, is sort of a space nerd (see: his totally awesome interview with astronaut Garrett Reisman).  This has the makings of an epic fanwar!

On last night’s Report, Colbert fired the first shot, telling his audience that Serenity isn’t the name of a space ship, it’s the name for a Glade Plug-in.

Them’s fighin’ words, Colbert.  (I pronounced the T that time).

I already picked my side.  Team Colbert!

— carmhelga



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2 responses to “Space Fanageddon

  1. YoSaffBridge

    Oh God.

    I…how can he make me CHOOSE?

    I have to say, though…I think I’m on Team Serenity. That’s just too big of a nerd victory.

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