One of the only benefits of midterms this week was that I got out of my Monday night class early, which meant I got to see How I Met Your Mother on time!

And I got to see a really fun episode, “Sorry, Bro” that featured a lot of my very favorite things about this show, which they captured over at Time’s Tuned In blog–

There was the show’s comedy boiled down to its essence: the five characters talking the the bar and laying off each other. There were the interwoven running jokes and callbacks within the episode.

Plus, CollegeTed got basically an entire episode devoted to him, which is always golden in my book.

The other amusing part of this episode was the return of Taran Killiam (aka Cobie Smulders’ fiance and baby daddy) as Blauman (who, apparently, didn’t really quit or get fired after peeing on the desk in The Chain of Screaming) and, one of my personal favorite guest stars, David Burtka (aka Neil Patrick Harris’ adorable boyfriend– look how cute they are!) as Scooter, Lily’s high school boyfriend.

Blauman Blauman!

Scooter Scooter!  (no, I’m sorry.  He’s not Scooter anymore.  Now, he’s BILL).

It was especially nice to see Scooter as Ted and Karen’s waiter at their restaurant.  Obviously, he thought Lily really DID like waiters!  He could be a waiter for her!



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