Nate Corddry shows them!

I know I promised a top ten sitcoms list, and I’ll get there, but midterms snuck up on me and, well, I think failing a midterm because I’m working on a top ten sitcoms

list would probably not go over well with anyone.  Still, had to share this piece of news.

Nate Corddry and Molly Parker have been tapped to play Sarah Michelle Gellar’s siblings in the HBO pilot “The Wonderful Maladys.”

NATE CORDDRY!!!!  That’s really all I can say.  I love that guy.  I didn’t realize he had a recurring role on United States of Tara, and when I caught an episode of that show with him I sort of freaked the hell out.  (He’s sort of a creeper in that, but still NATE!!1!1!!)

His limited time on the Daily Show was awesome, and he was really the best thing about Studio 60.  I am very happy and kind of excited for this show now.

Though I don’t get HBO, which complicates things slightly.

But still, NATE CORDDRY:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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