Thursday nights: sitcom heaven

Thursday nights have really had some great sitcoms over the last 30 years.  The Cosby Show, Taxi, Cheers, Wings, Frasier, Friends, Will & Grace, Scrubs…

And now, tonight, two of my very favorite sitcoms, and two of the best shows on television, 30 rock and the Office.  Oh, shows, how I’ve missed you.

I know some people have been complained about the use of guest stars in this season’s 30 rock, but I really don’t get that criticism.  I’ve thought that every guest star– save for Jennifer Anistan– was well used and worked well within the confines of the show.  The Oprah episode killed me, and Steve Martin’s appearance made me realize just how amazing Steve Martin and Tina Fey are together.  (This was backed up by their appearance at the oscars).

As for the Office, yes, I understand that it has a lost a little bit of the “magic” since the second season, but it’s still an extremely entertaining, fun show, and I’ve missed it the last few weeks.  (And by the way, if Pam and Jim were still not together at this point, people would just be complaining about them dragging out the storyline.  People were always going to find a way to complain, and I personally loved the way the story played out).

Come back tomorrow, as we finish up Sitcom Week with, among other things, a list of my top ten favorite sitcoms of all time.

— carmhelga


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