Great Moments in Musicals: Teen Witch

So, for my first Great Moments in Musicals post, I was wondering if I should pick something serious or something fun and silly. But then I realized that if I went with something serious, I would take a long time writing this, and there’s homework I’m supposed to be doing. Thus, I bring you Teen Witch.

Is Teen Witch even a musical? I feel like musical numbers should arise naturally in the scene and pertain in some way to the plot, possibly even advancing the plot. In Teen Witch, the musical numbers come out of NOWHERE, are completely random, and have nothing to do with anything ever. This is why they’re hilarious. Here’s possibly my favorite scene from the movie. The only context you need is that one of the girls has witchy, wish-fulfillment powers, the other is her friend, and there’s this white guy at their school who likes to rap. A lot. With his posse. Also, he was in the TV show, Harry and the Hendersons. Just look at how funky he is.



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  1. carmhelga

    I’m adding a 30 rock tag on this, because Kenneth’s version of this was AMAZING.

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