Dollhouse liveblog: Target

YoSaffBridge and I decided to do a little liveblogging on this week’s Dollhouse.  Read on, as YSB deconstructs familial relationships in Whedon shows and I talk about how cute Tahmoh Penikett is.


YoSaffBridge: are we liveblogging?
Carmhelga: let’s!
YoSaffBridge: at some point I was planning to watch terminator for summer glau, but I haven’t gotten around to it
Carmhelga: yeeeah.  I don’t have the energy for ANOTHER probably-going-to-be-cancelled-Friday show.
YoSaffBridge: Nooooo. stop it.
YoSaffBridge: we have to have hope
Carmhelga: I’ll try.
Carmhelga: but…  Fox sucks, so.
YoSaffBridge: this is true
Carmhelga: So I just turned it to Fox, and I feel like something really profound is going down on Terminator.
YoSaffBridge: I’ve had it on for the last 10 minutes, and I have no idea what’s happening
Carmhelga: Everyone was doing that thing where you stand around and look like something GAME CHANGING has just happened.
YoSaffBridge: I watched sleeping beauty tonight!
Carmhelga: I was watching family guy, because I figured Dollhouse would be intellectual and depressing, so why not laugh at something dumb?
Carmhelga: awww yay!
YoSaffBridge: I can never watch family guy again
YoSaffBridge: aaand we start
YoSaffBridge: cool british lady reminds me of lilah from angel, which means that I will adore her, and then she’ll die
Carmhelga: over-saturated coloring!  This makes me miss Pushing Daisies…
Carmhelga: Although, this actually hurts my eyes.
YoSaffBridge: aww
Carmhelga: “Topher.”  I know I’m supposed to sort of like him, but that is a really douchey name.
YoSaffBridge: I don’t think we’re supposed to totally like him. he’s such a creeper. it’s like the nerd trio from buffy
YoSaffBridge: they’re nerdy…but they’re kind of evil
YoSaffBridge: tabula rasa! another buffy shoutout!
Carmhelga: Joss sort of does have a way of creating incredibly menacing nerds.
Carmhelga: see: Dr. Horrible.  I mean, you love him, but…
YoSaffBridge: is this in the present day again? cause the whole bloody massacre thing was 3 months ago, right?
Carmhelga: Yeah.  I think they were doing the Veronica Mars thing.  The color saturation wasn’t just for my eyes, I think the point was to differentiate between 3 months ago and now
YoSaffBridge: right
YoSaffBridge: her handler is already one of my favorites
Carmhelga: I’m shocked.
Carmhelga: (but me too)
YoSaffBridge: he’s her giles!
Carmhelga: Plus, he seems to have a stake in her protection beyond just protecting his property.
YoSaffBridge: yep
YoSaffBridge: helo!
Carmhelga: HI HELO!
YoSaffBridge: are you going to do that every episode?
Carmhelga: oh, I’m going to do that every scene.
YoSaffBridge: haha
Carmhelga: WHAT
YoSaffBridge: badger?
Carmhelga: and Lamkin
YoSaffBridge: he’s EVERYWHERE
Carmhelga: Is Apollo around?
YoSaffBridge: it’s weird that he doesn’t have the accent
Carmhelga: I’m really interested in this storyline, beyond my undying love for Tahmoh Penikett.
YoSaffBridge: ha, actually that’s the least interesting one to me
YoSaffBridge: once he starts getting involved with the dollhouse folks, I’ll probably be on board
Carmhelga: well, it’s barely existed so far.  I mean it feels like it’s sort of a framework to help us figure out what’s going on, so I’m interested in seeing it get explored more.
Carmhelga: Although, I did love Helo with the Russian at the urinal last week.  “Wash your hands.  And your shoes.”
YoSaffBridge: poor deer
Carmhelga: there is something incredibly gross about this type of stuff.  I know it’s supposed to be, but still.
Carmhelga: Like, she really doesn’t have an ACTUAL choice in sleeping with this dude.
YoSaffBridge: whoa
YoSaffBridge: what now
Carmhelga: …  I do not know.
YoSaffBridge: well, yeah, there’s a whole lot of creepy going on
Carmhelga: Maybe part of the game is that he’s going to “hunt” her
Carmhelga: short commercials!
YoSaffBridge: hi fred!
Carmhelga: I’m wondering, does it feel like some of the other people–beyond the “actives”– have maybe been coerced here.  Fred doesn’t seem wild about her job.
YoSaffBridge: the actor who plays langton was in the movie titus, so I love him automatically, because he was damn awesome in that movie
Carmhelga: haha nice.
YoSaffBridge: hmm, that’s interesting. then again, her face just got sliced up, so maybe she’s not wild about her job right now
Carmhelga: Fair enough.
YoSaffBridge: this is very not safe
Carmhelga: HI Helo!
Carmhelga: (last one for the night… I’ll just THINK it from now on)
Carmhelga: It was a little funny, Helo.
YoSaffBridge: dude
Carmhelga: who is the actor playing the creeper hunter?  I recognize him from something.
YoSaffBridge: I was thinking he wasn’t actually going to do anything
YoSaffBridge: aren’t they supposed to be noticing if she’s in mortal danger?
Carmhelga: The computer stuff got jammed.
YoSaffBridge: I don’t know who the actor is
YoSaffBridge: I’m obviously having problems paying attention
Carmhelga: haaa.
Carmhelga: it’s cool.
YoSaffBridge: I…what?
Carmhelga: WHAT.
Carmhelga: OMG, the forest rangers have turned against us!
YoSaffBridge: haha
YoSaffBridge: I miss the alec baldwin hulu commercial
Carmhelga: You miss it?  I’m sure you can watch it again.
YoSaffBridge: yeah…I just mean…instead of this new one
YoSaffBridge: I’m gonna shut up
Carmhelga: Okay, so is the flashback stuff from the original pilot?
YoSaffBridge: oooh, maybe
Carmhelga: or, are they completely new stuff designed to fill in stuff from the original pilot?
Carmhelga: haaa.  Oh yes, I like him.
Carmhelga: Boyd.  I can remember that.
YoSaffBridge: BAD. ASS.
YoSaffBridge: I know, right? I keep forgetting everyone’s names
Carmhelga: Helo=”groping blindly.”  heh.  too many jokes.
Carmhelga: oh, ew.
YoSaffBridge: what is even going on?
Carmhelga: I don’t know.
Carmhelga: But I know that Hunterman is disgusting.
Carmhelga: Okay, Watchmen?  Really, really excited about that.
YoSaffBridge: I want to read it first, though
YoSaffBridge: I think we discussed this–our wanting to seem like credible fans
Carmhelga: Me too.  It’ s on my list.  Oh God.  It comes out in two weeks, doesn’t it?
Carmhelga: so true.
Carmhelga: Hmm.  So, obviously, that little pep talk from Topher had an effect on Boyd.  He takes it seriously, being the “most important person in Echo’s life”
YoSaffBridge: ohhhh man
YoSaffBridge: that was kind of intense
Carmhelga: THE MIDDLEMAN!  Which I don’t watch, but probably should.  That’s who hunterman is.
YoSaffBridge: I think it was canceled
YoSaffBridge: OH
YoSaffBridge: he’s alpha!
Carmhelga: Okay.  That was sort of what I was thinking, BUT didn’t he meet with um, In-charge-lady?
Carmhelga: Or did I have a lapse in paying attention
YoSaffBridge: true, but…
Carmhelga: but…?
YoSaffBridge: all signs are pointing to yes
Carmhelga: NeighborLady.  oh honey, I hear you.  I would totally be that awkward around Helo.
YoSaffBridge: I like her skirt
YoSaffBridge: joss wouldn’t kill off a main character this soon in the game, right?
Carmhelga: no.  The only character that a) has a consistent personality and b) is relatable?  no.
YoSaffBridge: that’s a really interesting relationship they have, though. I hope the show’s around long enough to have some fun with that
Carmhelga: Agreed.
Carmhelga: You know, I’ve read other people talking about how this really doesn’t feel Whedon-esque, and it doesn’t.  That doesn’t mean it’s bad, but it really doesn’t feel like a Joss show.  I mean, beside the DARKNESS OF HUMANITY-ness.
YoSaffBridge: also, I’m already pairing him up with awesome british lady (…what’s her name?) in my head, because I love them both
Carmhelga: Wow, there’s a shocker
YoSaffBridge: I’m gonna comment on the joss show thing next commercial or whatever
Carmhelga: awww Boyd.
Carmhelga: Yeah, I love him.
Carmhelga: uh-oh.
YoSaffBridge: OH GOD
Carmhelga: I think SOMEONE is rebelling against her programming.
YoSaffBridge: I really adore him right now
Carmhelga: ha.  He brought a bow and arrow to a gun fight.
YoSaffBridge: okay. about this not seeming like a joss show
YoSaffBridge: something that came up in my firefly class is the sense of family in the show. and I brought up that buffy and angel have the same thing–there’s a sense of creating your own family. there’s always a group of people we come to love and who all love each other. here, though, we really don’t have that.
YoSaffBridge: we have a group of characters who aren’t family at all
YoSaffBridge: even the credits kind of reflect that–in buffy/angel/firefly, each character has his/her own little compilation of scenes. it makes them all seem like such a group. there are never any villains in that group.
Carmhelga: true.  Seems like that’s almost the point.  Everything is very artificially constructed v. the natural ways the family groups in the other shows get constructed.
YoSaffBridge: but on this show, it’s only echo during the whole credits
YoSaffBridge: I think that’s what a lot of people miss–the humor–and the humor really comes from the interactions between these families
YoSaffBridge: I am soooo behind on house
Carmhelga: I was just going to say, I think that gets reflected in the tone, which is the thing I noticed that seems “off.”
Carmhelga: Oh, me too
YoSaffBridge: yeah, so–it’s not very joss-like, because it can’t really be with this premise
Carmhelga: How WILDLY UNPREDICTABLE, that he was lying there.
YoSaffBridge: I thought boyd was gonna shoot him there
YoSaffBridge: and it would be nice if he could step in sometime soon
Carmhelga: holy crap.  Hunterguy is sadistic.
YoSaffBridge: ooh, OR THAT
YoSaffBridge: oh
Carmhelga: um, that is adorable.
YoSaffBridge: I KNOW, RIGHT
Carmhelga: I guess that’s as close to a family as we’ve got here.  Echo and Boyd.
Carmhelga: Which is just SO SAD for both of them.
YoSaffBridge: exactly
YoSaffBridge: OH I LOVE THEM
YoSaffBridge: so alpha’s our big bad
Carmhelga: yep.
YoSaffBridge: dude, not nice messing with the dolls
Carmhelga: he’s a dick.
YoSaffBridge: my closed captioning just capitalized the Attic.
Carmhelga: hmmmmm.
YoSaffBridge: like boxing?
YoSaffBridge: okay, honestly, that looks a little lame
YoSaffBridge: GRR ARGH
YoSaffBridge: (I mean boxing like BSG, not like mike tyson)
Carmhelga: Okay, so I definitely liked this better than last weeks.  A lot.  I feel a lot more confident about the show in general
YoSaffBridge: I’m gonna go–I’m taping bsg for tomorrow
Carmhelga: I’m watching Psych, because BSG will kill me with sad, I fear.
Carmhelga: Talk to you later!
YoSaffBridge: bye!
Carmhelga: byyye

For other thoughts on the second episode of Dollhouse, “Target”:


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