Okay, Han shot first, but what about Sebastian Shaw?

Look, I get it: Han shot first.  In George Lucas’ stupid quest to make changes to his films years after people fell in the love, this one is particularly stupid.  It’s not about advances in technology and special effects, like many of his changes were, it was about reshaping a character to be a little less “edge-y.”

Yes, it’s dumb.  But I can’t pretend like it really changes my view of the movie that much, and I’m definitely not pissed off to the point that I desperately need a “Han shot first” T-shirt or bumper sticker.

You know what really pisses me off?

Hayden Christensen.  He sucked in the prequels, far beyond anyone else in the film, he badmouthed Star Wars later on (“It’s not why you become an actor, to do stuff like that,” he said.  Well WHO THE HELL WAS FORCING YOU?) and THEN, he INVADED Return of the Jedi.  Where do I get a “He isn’t MY redeemed-ghost-Vader” shirt?

I realize that hating on Christensen is in no way an unconventional Star Wars opinion, so I’ll stop the pointless complaining and get back on point. Inserting him into the final scene of Jedi was MUCH WORSE than the weirdness with Greedo.  It suggested that we could never again escape the damn prequels, and turned a celebratory moment with happy Ewoks into a reminder of Lucas’ own inability to leave well enough alone.

It was also just strange.  Why did Yoda and Obi-Wan look like they did when they died, but Anakin randomly reverted to his appearance 20+ years previous?

(And by the way– he wasn’t that great in Shattered Glass.  Yeah, I said it.  I’ve never seen Life as a House, so maybe he’ll blow my mind in that one ).




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2 responses to “Okay, Han shot first, but what about Sebastian Shaw?

  1. YoSaffBridge


  2. I’ve got to agree with you, the Hayden ghost really bugs me too.
    Special Edition apologists explain that Anakin Skywalker technically and spiritually died the moment he turned to the Dark Side and was dubbed Darth Vader by Palpatine, so logically the ghost of Anakin would appear as the young man he was just before his ‘spiritual death’.
    The Sebastian Shaw ghost was, technically, the ghost of Darth Vader – a separate entity to Anakin – and so had no place with the Jedi Spirit triumvirate.
    Well, that’s how the apologists explain it away! I don’t buy it.
    I’m still half-expecting yet another revision of ‘Return of the Jedi’ where Sebastian Shaw is removed entirely from the film and replaced digitally by Hayden. Imagine that – Luke removes Vader’s helmet to reveal a digitally-inserted Hayden in old man make-up. Makes my stomach turn just to thibk about that possibility..!

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