The Plan

I want to be a writer for a number of reasons. Yes, I love stories and I find myself really obsessed with certain story elements. Yes, writing makes me feel fulfilled in a way that nothing else does, and the idea of not being a writer makes me want to curl up into fetal position. Yes, I love reading and words and books and all those good literary things. But also? I want to meet famous people.

Mind you, I don’t want to be famous–or at least, not too famous. I don’t want to be recognized on the street or anything. I want to be just famous enough to meet other famous people. More specifically, one of my life goals is to become part of the Jossian Circle of Friends. This includes anyone who has been or will be a part of any project helmed by Joss Whedon. And of course, this includes Joss himself. The Plan goes a little something like this:

a) I see Neil Patrick Harris in a play in June. I stage door and meet him and tell him how awesome he is (in a particularly masterful stroke, I bring up how much I love his recording of Evening Primrose, so he knows I’m a true devotee/musical theatre geek/Sondheim freak). He thinks I’m awesome, too. He introduces me to the cast of How I Met Your Mother. And there–just like that, I’ve got an in with not one, but two Jossian Friends. Aly Hannigan and I become buddies, and eventually I meet her husband, Alexis Denisof (that brings us up to three). See how that worked? Now I’m part of the Jossian Circle, and I’m invited to his Shakespeare readings/sing-alongs or whatever.


b) I write something awesome. Joss reads it, and he wants to do something with it. So we have a creative meeting, and we decide to make a movie or TV show or whatever. Summer Glau will probably be involved somehow. (In this scenario, Summer and I become BFF.) He invites me over to his Shakespeare readings/sing-alongs, and I’m in the Circle!

The culmination of The Plan is, of course, to have a cool new group of friends who are awesome in every way, as well as being part of a Joss Whedon project, but there’s another part that I’m leaving out. It’s the part where somewhere down the line, someone introduces me to Sean Maher (Simon on Firefly), and we totally get along, and then we get married, the end. (At some point, I also meet Anthony Stewart Head and babble incoherently in the face of so much awesome.)

And that’s The Plan. Wish me luck.


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